Murnau POW Camp 1 Mark O.K.K.

Murnau 1 mark

Oflag VII-A was located in the Bavarian town of Murnau which is south of Munich close to the Austrian border.  The camp opened in September 1939 when 1000 Polish officers were imprisoned there.  On April 27, 1942 additional Polish POWs were moved from Oflag VIII-E in Johannisbrunn.  More were moved to Murnau after the uprising in Warsaw and by early 1945 the camp held over 5000 POWs.   These notes are a type that was issued in 1944.  The notes are dated 1944 and were issued in 1 and 5 mark denominations.  The more common notes for Oflag Vii-A were issued later and dated November 2, 1944. The first series notes are much scarcer than the second  Oflag VII-A series. The notes are uniface.

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