Italy POW Camp Campo Concentramento P.G. 91 Type One 50 and 100 Lire

Italy 50 L Camp91

Italy had many POW and Civilian  camp issues.  Pow camp issues are identified by the phrase Campo Concentramento Prigionieri di Guerra (P.G.) and civialian issues by the phrase Campo Concentramento Internati Civili.  Most of the issues are identified only by the camp number while some have the name of the area the camp is located in.  Through an arrangement with Germany all allied soldiers captured in North Africa woul be housed in Italian camps.  This proved to be a mistake when Italy surrendered in 1943 and Germany had to move all prisoners to camps in Germany.  There are many camp issues that are considered to be fantasies and never actually circulated in the camp.  These may have been made post war to sell as souveneers.  The type one notes were printed in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, and 100 lire.  Type two are considered fantasies.

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