Feldpost Nr. 32117A POW Camp (Norway)

Norway POW

Feldpost NR. 32117A began in November 1940 as Labor Batallion 30 in Lubeck Germany for Polish POWs.  In the winter of 1941/42 it was moved to Sagen, Alta Norway.  In November 1944 it was moved to Beisfjord Narvik Norway and had 32 branches with 1600 Polish POWs.  There are three denominations a 1, 5, and 10 Ore.  Following the printers name and city Freystatzky-Druck Ratzeburg is either the number 42 or 44.  It is possible that this could refer to the year of printing, but this is unverified.  These notes are extremely rare, with only a few in existance.

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