Central Pacific (Hawaii) USA POW Camp Chits

Central Pacific POW chits

The largest POW camp in wartime Hawaii held more than 4000 soldiers mostly Okinawan s conscripted into the Japanese Army.  The camp also held 300 internees the majority of whom were American citizens.  The first POWs in the camp were conscripted Koreans that were captured on Gilbert Island in November 1943.  Later both Pacific and European theater POWs were held in the camp.  The camp was located in Honouliuli near the town of Waipahu.  The camp is a part of the new Honouliuli National Monument designated on February 19, 2015. No chits were known from the camp when recently a booklet was discovered with chits of 1, 5, and 10 cent denominations.  The name of the camp is on the booklet cover but not on the chits.

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