Camp Hay 2 Shillings


Camp Hay

Internees were transported from Liverpool on the ship H.M.T. Dunera to Australia and eventually to the camp. Camp Hay (Camp 7) held 933 Jewish internees.  A series of notes were issued in 1941 and designed by Georg Teltscher.  Denominations of 6 pence, 1 shilling and 2 shilling were issued.  Portions of the design depict life at the camp.  Te scroll of barbed wire surrounding the frame of the notes repeates the phrase We are here because we are her because we are here which was the camp theme song.  Camp leader Andrew Eppenstein’s name is engraved in the fleece of the sheep on the front.  H.M.T. Dunera appears in the barbed wire to the left of the kangaroo.  Liverpool to Hay appears in the barbed wire to the right of the emu.  The names of other internees appear in the wool of the sheep on the back of the notes.  All denominations of these notes are very scarce and very popular with collectors.

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