Sokolka Ghetto (Poland) 0.91 RM


The Sokolka Ghetto was located in the Bialystok area of Poland.  The Ghetto was established in the Fall of 1941 after the invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941.  The area of Poland that the Ghetto was located was in the Soviet zone of occupation, but fell into the hands of the Germans after the invasion.  Most of the Jews were deported from the Ghetto on November 5, 1942 were they were eventually murdered at Treblinka.  Approximately 200 remained in the Ghetto making boots but they were murdered on January 18, 1943.  Only one denomination exists 0.91 Reichsmark.  The odd denomination is thought to  be the result of the exchange rate between the Reichsmark and the Zloty.  The notes are extremely rare and counterfeits exist.  The above second image is a counterfeit produced on a laser printer.

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