Lodz (Litzmannstadt) Ghetto Scrip 50 Pfennig


The Lodz Ghetto was the second largest Jewish ghetto.  The ghetto was located in Lodz Poland which was renamed Litzmannstadt by the Germans to honor a World War I general.  The ghetto was sealed off from other areas of the city in May 1940.  At leist 300,000 people lived in the ghetto during its existance.  The ghetto was liberated by the Russians in January 1945 with only 877 surviving.  Both scrip and coins (tokens) were produced for use in the ghetto.  Also many types of ration tickets were used.  Seven denominations of notes were produced.  All were signed by Rumkowski as Der Aelteste der Juden in Litzmannstadt.  Printed on the notes is th word Quittung which means receipt.  The background are connected Stars of David which resemble a barbed wire fence.  A large Star of David and a serial number appear on the face.  While the back depicts a menorah, a candle holder used for Jewish holidays

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