Auschwitz 1RM Type 3


Auschwitz Concentration Camp was located in Poland near the town of Oswiecim.  The camp was opened in 1940.  Along with Birkenau it was the largest Concentration Camp and both a death camp and slave labor camp.  There were the types of notes issued.  Type one with Pramienschein at the top and the denomination in a circle below.  Type 2 with Pramienschein uber on the top line with Haftlingsgeldverwaltung KL Auschwitz below.  Type three was the standard Pramienschein uber with Konzentrationslager Auschwitz below. 50 pfennig, .50 RM, and 1 RM notes were issued.  There are size and color varieties and note with over stamps such as the one shown with Birkenau stamped on the back.

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