A German POW’s Reminiscence

Hallo Dear Friends,
I was a prisoner of War in Cam Dermott. We (about 500 officers) arrived at Dermott in Ja. 1945. I was a Lieutenent, age 20. This camp had 44 compounds, eeach could house 240 men. Not all were occupied. In Oktober 1945 most of the prisoners left for voluntary work with the promise of better food, only 4 compounds (about 1000 men) were left over. One consignment uncluding me left early Jan 1946 for Fort Shanks, NY and from there vvia NY Port on Jan. 19. 1945 for Le Havre, France to the “death camp” Bolbec. I was release from prisonship on April 10, 1946.
In 1968 I immigrated with my wife to the US, we lived for 38 years in East Liverpool and Sebring, Ohio. After my wife passed away in Feb. 2004 I returned to Germany. We had a good time in Ohio and are thankful, we left many Friends, most in their graves. I am still in touch. S, K.

Memphis International Paper Money Show

June 9-12, 2011 will feature the annual pilgrimage to Memphis, Tennessee for the 35th annual paper money show.  For paper money collectors this is like Christmas, Hanukkah, and your Birthday all rolled  into one.  There will be a meeting of Military Collectors probably on Saturday.  At least 13 speakers on various topics will present programs on Friday and Saturday.  So come visit and find some goodies for your collection and some great ribs for your belly.

Fest XII Wrap Up and Counterfeit Scrip Alert

Fest XII ended on Sunday March 27th with everyone have a great time.  Most people left with new additions to their collections.  I was able to find two East Africa POW notes, one of which has been added to the site.  Other collectors found JIM, MPC and many World War II regular issues.

Alert:  The Mauthausen .50 RM note that was recently added to the site has been examined under 20x magnification and determined to be a color laser copy.  Be careful and check your notes well and buy from dealers or collectors that will offer a refund for items that turn out to be not genuine.  I will try to add some tips in future blogs on what to look for when examining notes.

MPC Fest

Tomorrow March 24th MPC Fest XII starts.  Over 65 festers will be arriving tomorrow to begin a weekend of fun, camaraderie, education, and little sleep.  Stay tuned for updates about the event.

MPC Fest

The most important event for Military collectors will be held March 24-27. It’s called the MPC Fest and it is held in Port Clinton, Ohio. Over 60 people with interests in all types of military numismatic collectibles will be there. There will be a bourse, presentations and show and tell with items newly discovered, March Madness (a trivia contest with questions about military numismatics), and an auction. For more information send me an email. It will be the most fun you have ever had!


The Chicago Paper Money Exposition (CPMX) will be held March 10-13 and is a great place to find world and military notes.  Check out the website at

WMN Launches! went live today.