Canada POW/Internment Camp (33) 1, 5, and 10 Cents


Camp 33 was located in Petawawa, Ontario and operated from September 1939 until March 1946.  The camp initially held German and Italian internees and later also Japanese in May 1942. By August 1942 all of the internees were transferred to other camps and finally released in February 1944.  The camp also held over 700 German sailors transferred from camps in India.  The camp closed March 5, 1946.  There are 3 denominations known 1, 5, and 10 cents.  There are varieties of each denomination.  The 1 cent comes in orange and blue, the 5 cent violet and cream, and the 10 cent green and tan.  In addition the 10 cent comes with and without the initials E.A.  All of this issue are extremely scarce with probably less than 10 known.

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