British War Department 2 Shilling

WD 2 Shilling

General issue note used in POW camps in Great Britain.  The notes were issued in denominations of 3 pence, 6 pence, 1 shilling, 2 shilling, 2 1/2 shilling (half crown), 5 shilling and 10 shilling.  The 2 and 10 shilling are the rarest of the denominations.  On the back of the notes are eight circles (see back of 5 shilling note).  Every three months the notes were turned in and an ink stamp was applied to one of the circles.  After all eight circles were stamped the note was destroyed.  Many of the notes have the name or number of the camp stamped on the front and back.  The camps held both Italian and German POWs and were not all closed until 1947.

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