A German POW’s Reminiscence

Hallo Dear Friends,
I was a prisoner of War in Cam Dermott. We (about 500 officers) arrived at Dermott in Ja. 1945. I was a Lieutenent, age 20. This camp had 44 compounds, eeach could house 240 men. Not all were occupied. In Oktober 1945 most of the prisoners left for voluntary work with the promise of better food, only 4 compounds (about 1000 men) were left over. One consignment uncluding me left early Jan 1946 for Fort Shanks, NY and from there vvia NY Port on Jan. 19. 1945 for Le Havre, France to the “death camp” Bolbec. I was release from prisonship on April 10, 1946.
In 1968 I immigrated with my wife to the US, we lived for 38 years in East Liverpool and Sebring, Ohio. After my wife passed away in Feb. 2004 I returned to Germany. We had a good time in Ohio and are thankful, we left many Friends, most in their graves. I am still in touch. S, K.

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